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We are a grassroots team based in Worsley, Manchester.

Worsley Wanderers WFC was created with the idea of not being a typical Women’s football team, there wasn’t much opportunity in our area to play football with no experience and just for fun so we made Worsley Wanderers. 

The vibe is totally inclusive, for all ages (18+) and abilities welcome to join.

We want to empower as many women as we can to get involved in a heavily male dominated sport and make it fun and accessible for all!

Our aim is to create a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone to play the game we love. 

We come together, work as a team and empower one another. 

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and just love getting to grips with the sport. 

Our Values: 

  • Cheer each other on 

  • Dont apologize for trying 

  • Don’t be hard on ourselves

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