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Introducing the Worsley Wanderers WFC committee.




I started Worsley Wanderers to create an inclusive and welcoming space for women to learn football. I’ve never been the strongest footballer so it was hard to find the right place where I can still enjoy the sport without any pressure and so began the mighty WWWFC. What I love most about our team is the people and our team spirit. Everyone comes together no matter the result and it really is like one big family! 


I am a HUGE Man City fan. I’ve followed the team since I was a child and was even labelled baby blue in the programme when I was born! My grandad played for them in the 60s hence why football is and always has been such a big part of my life! 

I think that the momentum in women's football is most definitely building and it's teams like ours that are so instrumental in getting more and more women involved in the sport. 

I am actually a trainee accountant (I promise I’m far from boring though haha!). I also lived in Spain for some of my life and speak fluent Spanish - one day I will use this for when I am eventually managing Barcelona Women's haha! Joking… I would NEVER leave my wanderers! 




I've always watched football but really it was through the Worsley Wanderers that I got into playing it. Although I’ve always exercised (well since my early 20s), I had never actually played a team sport, so when I saw that the Wanderers had started around the corner from me after last year's lockdown, I just thought, what is there to lose? And it was the best decision I have ever made.

Katy has created the best community and it just proves that amazing things happen when you bring a group of girls together. Even when I’m tired on a Monday night I know that going to training will make me feel better. I also love the fact that my 6 year old daughter loves the team as much as me. I think the team is a fantastic example to little girls on how much fun team sports can be.

My greatest footballing achievement is being given the captain's band by our manager at our one year celebration, from knowing no one when I first started, to becoming the captain of the team was the best feeling ever. My nickname is ‘The Wall’....I’m a defender through & through

I support Manchester City! Both my grandads & my mum are all city supporters, however I’m married to a United fan which makes derby days interesting (stressful) in our house.




I started playing football in primary school - I was a massive tomboy and would rarely be seen wearing anything but a matching tracky 🤣 I was the only girl on the team (which was pretty good because none of the lads ever wanted to tackle me!)


When I was about 10, I started to play for Deans girls, it was one of the few girls teams in the area at the time. We used to get hounded every week, we would never have subs but we always had a good time. I’ve played on and off since for other teams, but started properly again when Worsley Wanderers came about! 

With Worlsey Wanderers I love how much we buzz over every game, even at the start when we were getting beat every week, we would still be screaming and cheering if we were getting the odd goal or making improvements. We would get asked “you do know you’re not winning…” but we were in our eyes 😂. Every girl is so welcoming and lovely, I started not really knowing anyone too well, it felt like the first day of school but now I feel like I’ve known everyone forever! I either play right wing or defence, I enjoy both of them!

Outside of football I love EATING! This is why I need to keep up the football 🤣 I’m a mad foodie, if there’s food involved - I’m there! I’m borderline obsessed with Finch Bakery. Other than that, I love going on mini adventures with my boyfriend and our pooch Jax 🐶

I broke my leg playing football in primary school - both my tibia and fibula. I had a cast from my foot right up to the top of my thigh, I made sure to get it in red so we could stick England flags all over it to support the football! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 I’m also a Harry Potter geek and met all the cast at the final premiere in London as well as J K Rowling🪄




I’ve been playing and watching footy with my dad for as long as I can remember. I was the world’s biggest tomboy when I was younger! I’ve known Katy since we were 5 so when she text me to say she was setting up a team, it was a no brainer. 


Before this team I had only played football before in the garden with my dad and on the beach on holiday, if that counts. I had never played in a team but always wanted to, so Worsley Wanderers is the dream! 


I love the Worsley Wanderers journey and how far we have come. Katy should be so proud because she created this from nothing and I think a lot of the team feel the same as me in that we don’t know what we’d do without it now. Apart from letting me live my childhood dream of pretending that I am Beckham/Ronaldo.. Worsley Wanderers has made this last year a ball ⚽️ 


My greatest footballing achievement is winning the Worsley Wanderers golden boot season 1 and 2 (and winning our first game 9 months after we started.. The adrenaline was too much, I don’t think I slept that night!) 


I’m also a Trainee Solicitor but ready to make the career change to pro footy player when Worsley Wanderers make it big ha!


I play left wing or up front and support the best team in the world of course.. viva Ronaldooooo ❤️




I’ve always had a sporty and competitive side to me. I started playing for the school team after really enjoying playing football in one of my PE classes (Netball, Rounders or Cross Country never really did it for me). This then carried all the way through playing for my college and university teams. I never thought I’d play again once I started working as there weren't many options in my area at grassroots level where I could keep fit and have some fun... and then came WWWFC!

I’ve honestly never met a lovelier bunch of girls. Whether we’re training or playing a game, everybody is each other's biggest fan. The community that Katy has created is fantastic, and I never thought Mondays would now be my favourite days!It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your football ability is, we all support each other and most importantly… have some fun!

I love being creative and photography. I’m a freelance photographer mainly for sports and music, and if I'm not out working or exploring with my camera - you’ll find me designing, creating art or looking for the next thing to get my hands stuck into!

And finally I support the best in the land and all the world...Manchester City!




A year ago I moved to the Worsley area and didn’t know anyone that lived here. I had always wanted to play a team sport so when I came across the Worsley Wanderers through Instagram I turned up for a session (having never touched a football) and never looked back! 


I love that every single player is a genuinely lovely person! I have never come across a group of girls that get on so naturally and are so supportive of each other. 


Worsley Wanderers has also got me back into fitness, given me a social life and great friends in my new home and built my confidence massively. I play in defence and love the position but also love that the placement means I can watch the rest of my girls play! 




I’m originally from a seaside town called Southport, but moved to Manchester for Uni and stayed here ever since. Like many I stopped playing football when I left school, but last year I had an urge to get back into it, then came across the Wanderers on Insta. The team couldn’t have been more welcoming and provided the perfect escapism during COVID.


Even though having a laugh is the first reason I play football, my competitive side pushes me to be the best I can be, and so my greatest footballing achievement to date is somehow winning player of the season and the golden boot for Worsley Wanderers. I mainly play up front for the team, but have also got stuck in deeper roles at times.

My Mum is a manc born and bred, and my Dad is a scouser (family parties are great), so naturally I chose the best team in the world and sided with my dad. United and City supporters can pretend they are the best, but we all know Liverpool are the GOAT. 


Seeing what Worsley Wanderers are doing for grassroots women’s football is amazing to be a part of. For many women like me who were passionate about football from a young age, the encouragement, funding, and exposure of girl’s football back then was almost non-existent, and that (sadly) played a big part in why I gave up playing after school. But things are changing, there is this exciting new wave of women’s teams coming through who do it away from the men’s game, with a women-first led approach. Deciding how they play, where they play, what kit they wear, rather than just being that predictable supplementary team joined to a men’s teams, where women play second-fiddle.


Teams like Worsley Wanderers are empowering any women to play football, a credit to Katy and a hope for girls of my daughters age who may have it differently to the way we did.

Image by Wesley Tingey



I was always very sporty when I was younger and also very competitive, I was on every team imaginable throughout school and always strived to be the best I could be. My love of sport and fitness faded with age as I went off to uni and started to party a lot, this is where I met my partner, he is a huge football fan! He loves to watch it and play it, his football knowledge is amazing and he is a really good player. He always mentioned how I should join a team as he thought I’d enjoy it but never came to fruition, until I had a couple of messages from a few of the girls on the team who I’d gone to school with. I followed the Wanderers on social media and always did love seeing how much fun they were all having at training and games, so I decided to join the team! 

I love Worsley Wanderers because we are like a family, every person on the team has their own beautiful individual personality and all bring their own flair and fun to the game. You can come in to the team and be completely appreciated and loved for who you are, and your football ability can be anything from never played, to someone more seasoned! Everyone is welcome and it’s such a wonderful environment to be in, we have such a laugh and of course everyone puts in their best efforts in the game but the winning isn’t a priority for us, you just go out there and have a good time and we always celebrate as though we’ve won - because we are winners. I love my team so much!

WW has made me rekindle friendships with old mates and made so many new friends too! It’s helped me find a new love for football as a competitive sport and just for fun! It's made me feel part of not only a team but a community, it’s given me a lot of confidence with my fitness as I am not as young as I once was, and struggled with my running before I joined the team. 


I feel like everything we do is an achievement as we are such a close knit team, a win for one game is a win for everyone, it really is wonderful to see how much we celebrate each other. Even when we don’t win we celebrate what a great game and team effort was put in! I’ve scored a few goals too which is always a great feeling, but just being a part of such a wonderful team is an achievement in itself.


Outside of football I love to sing (in the shower mainly) 😂 but I am very close with my family and I spend a lot of time with my niece and nephews. I am a huge foodie and if i'm not out having dinner i'm out for drinks with friends. I'm very sociable and can find myself with too many plans to keep up with occasionally but I also love a duvet day and Harry Potter marathon. Travel is my life I love exploring and visiting new places experiencing different cultures.


I support Manchester United and Wigan Atheltic. I’m from Salford and United was always my team growing up! My partner supports United but he also follows Wigan, so I’ve joined the party and we go to Wigan games as much as we can because we love an underdog!




Bio coming soon.




Bio coming soon.

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